Audio and video sermon archives plus podcasting.

A Premium Plugin for WordPress.

Latest Update: v1.8.6 (May '17) - Support for self-hosted video, customizable audio player colors, and bug fixes. Learn more...

No Nerds Required

The Series Engine plugin installs in seconds. Simply activate the plugin, enter the shortcode on any Page or Post, and pick your colors.

Series Engine does all of the heavy lifting for you... There's no need to know HTML, CSS or any other geeky acronyms!

B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Video)

Use the video you already have! Series Engine is built to use simple embed codes from Vimeo, YouTube, and just about any other video hosting service.

With support for self-hosted video as well, it's the best way to get all of your content in one place.

A Social Darling

The Series Engine media browser automatically creates buttons to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Your visitors are only one click away from sharing their favorite content... Getting the word out has never been easier.

Edit Once, Update Everywhere

Work smarter, not harder.

The special Series Engine menu in the WordPress admin portal allows you to update your Messages, Series, Speakers and Topics from any web browser.

One save updates every page, post and podcast!

A Master of Disguise

You worked hard to make your site look great; Series Engine is built to match.

A quick visit to its robust settings page allows you to change fonts, colors and icons in a matter of seconds... No coding required!

More Than a Media Page

You can create a great media page with Series Engine, but that just scratches the surface of what it can do.

The custom embed code generator allows you to post specific Messages, Series, Speakers or Topics within any Page or Post.

Works with Widgets

If you know how to "drag-and-drop," you know how to add Series Engine content to any widgetized area in your Theme.

From simple lists to detailed sections, you can add exciting new features to your site before you even finish your coffee.

A Podcasting Powerhouse

Series Engine makes it easy to create any number of custom Podcasts using the content you've already entered.

Use the Podcast builder to provide a name, graphic and a few other details, and you'll be up and running in iTunes in no time.

Attached at the Hip

Do you have a wealth of supporting material to go with your content? Series Engine allows you to attach an unlimited number of links and file downloads to each of your Messages.

From study guides to related websites, its never been easier to provide your audience with more ways to dig deeper.

Looks Good on the Go

Digital life has transitioned to smart phones and tablets; you groups should too! Series Engine was designed from the ground up to provide a mobile experience that's just as elegant as the desktop view. It's the same great tool with no missing features.

Free Updates for Life

Your one-time purchase of a Series Engine license entitles you to free plugin updates for life!

No hidden fees; no monthly charges. We like to keep things simple.

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More Than a Media Page
A Master of Disguise
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Works with Widgets
A Podcasting Powerhouse
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A Social Darling
Attached at the Hip