Series Engine Tutorials

Using Series Engine with Page Builders

Series Engine's powerful shortcodes are easy to use with both vanilla WordPress, and a variety of popular "page builder" tools. Here's how to get started...

Using Shortcodes with Your Page Builder

It's easy to use Series Engine's powerful shortcodes, even inside of a drag-and-drop page builder interface. To get started, use Series Engine's super simple shortcode generator to get the shortcode you want to use on a given page.

Next, find a module in your page builder that allows you to edit text in the body of your page, and paste the Series Engine shortcode into the textarea field along with any other content you want to appear before and after it. Save your changes in your page builder, and you should be good to go.

Please note: Depending on the tool you're using, Series Engine content may not display in the page preview correctly. Also, Series Engine's media browser is designed for full-width page columns; if you want to embed Series Engine in a narrow page column, you may want to adjust Series Engine's responsive breakpoints to have the condensed mobile styles kick in sooner.

Using Series Engine with Beaver Builder (Beta)

As of v2.5.5, Series Engine now includes native integration with the Beaver Builder platform through a powerful custom module.

This drag-and-drop module allows you to skip shortcodes entirely and embed Series Engine content directly in the Beaver Builder interface with just a few simple clicks.

To add a Series Engine module to your page, click the plus button in Beaver Builder's page builder, drag an instance of Series Engine onto your page from the Media section, and customize the options as you see fit. Save your changes at the top of the page, and your new Series Engine content is ready to use!

For best results, embed only one instance of Series Engine per page.

Using Beaver Builder with Series Engine