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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the Series Engine in action?

You can see an example of Series Engine in use on our live demo site here. If you want to kick the tires a bit more, use the form above to request access to our full demo site.

Why is Series Engine better than other plugins?

One of the best things about WordPress is the tremendous community of developer support; there are countless numbers of themes and plugins available to choose from!

With that said, we know we're not the only solution of our kind out there, but we do think Series Engine is the best... Here's why:

  • It's Actually Easy to Use - Series Engine is extremely powerful, but its also designed to be easily understood. Where other plugins require you to edit code, write CSS and learn custom syntax, Series Engine allows you to set everything up, change the design and add content through simple point-and-click wizards. There's no need to know CSS, PHP or even HTML!
  • It's Beautifully Designed - What's the point of powerful features if they look ugly on your site? Series Engine's custom media browser was meticulously designed to be easy-to-use, thoughtfully laid out and a pleasure for your visitors. With only a few quick clicks in the font and color chooser, it will look like it was built just for your site!
  • No Jumping Through Hoops - Many other plugins require significant setup and intense customization to get them to work properly with your site. That's not the case with Series Engine! Simply activate the plugin, throw a shortcode on a page and add your content. There's no longer a need to hack several plugins together or spend hours cleaning up code.
  • The Right Features, The Right Way - From posting audio/video to attaching other materials to your Messages, we've agonized over the details. Our user interface and workflow is clean, smart and designed for ease of use. Managing your content should be a pleasure, not a chore.
  • More Powerful Podcasting - Whereas some other solutions allow for basic podcasting, Series Engine allows you to easily create an UNLIMITED number of audio AND video podcasts from your content. Our simple point-and-click podcast builder allows you to generate a new podcast in a matter of seconds (including complete control over descriptions, categories and logos!).
  • Theme Independent - Some themes (especially those built for churches) include some basic message sharing support right out of the box. It's a great way to get started, but your content is held hostage if you want to go with a different look. Series Engine maintains the same content and setup no matter how often you switch your style.
  • Mobile Friendly - The world is moving to mobile, and Series Engine is ready for the challenge. If you're using a mobile ready theme (that supports shortcodes) Series Engine will gracefully simplify your content for great looks on the go!
  • Hundreds of Messages with One Click - Series Engine includes a powerful bulk upload tool that can populate your site with hundreds of messages, series, speakers, and topics in a matter of seconds.
  • No Subscription Fees - The $99 one-time fee means the Series Engine is yours for life, including free updates!

Why is podcasting better with Series Engine?

You can get basic (and limited) podcasting for your site through a few other plugins, but Series Engine's robust podcasting tools are a step above everything else on the market.

Series Engine allows you to create an unlimited number of audio or video podcast feeds from the content you've already uploaded. It's simple to change a variety of feed settings, and feeds can be customized to pull content only from certain Series Types, Series, Speakers, or Topics. Want to feature only Sunday Sermons? Does your student minister want a podcast of only his Messages? You can generate the appropriate feeds in a matter of seconds.

Series Engine podcast feeds can also feature custom artwork, and even Series/Message specific artwork if you desire. If you ever need to move your subscribers to a different feed, that's not a problem, either; you can supply a new address to redirect the feed easily with Series Engine.

Series Engine gives you all of the podcasting power you're looking for, plus incredible sermon archives to use throughout your site. Don't let a generic podcasting plugin slow your ministry down.

Can I bulk upload content into Series Engine?

Yes! Even if you're not a previous Series Engine user, it is now possible (with v1.9.5+) to bulk upload large message libraries into Series Engine with a single .CSV file. Bulk imports are only recommended for advanced users who are comfortable with data entry and a text editor. Check out the full guide here.

Can I import data from another sermon plugin?

Yes! Ready to move to Series Engine, but have a wealth of sermon content tied to another plugin? Series Engine includes a one-click importer that brings all of your content over with none of the stress. Sermon Browser and Sermon Manager are currently supported, with import for more plugins coming soon.

What if I change sites? Is it easy to move my data?

Yes! Whether you're changing web hosts or just starting fresh with a new site, it's easy to move your Series Engine content and settings from one site to another with our built-in migration tools. Check out the full guide here.

Can search engines see Series Engine content?

Yes! In addition to the flexible Series Engine pages you'll embed throughout your site, Series Engine's SEO-focused permalink structure is strategically designed to make your content easy to index. Whether your visitors search on your site, or with their favorite search engines, they're sure to find the Message they're looking for in no time.

Does Series Engine track stats for my media?

Yes! Series Engine keeps accurate stats for web views of self-hosted audio, self-hosted video, and even Vimeo embeds. Our stats are different too, as views are only counted when someone clicks play (so you don't get artificially inflated numbers), and view counts are tracked for both desktop and mobile views. If you embed your videos from a different service, you'll want to refer to the stats they provide. For podcasts, we recommend pairing your Series Engine feeds with a service like Feedburner to track stats with their tools.

Does Series Engine support more languages than English?

Yes! As of Version 2.7, Series Engine provides official support for Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, including support for scripture references in each language. You can also easily edit every line of text that visitors to your site see, all in a matter of minutes without ever touching a line of code. This is especially useful for updating the Series Engine media browser to support languages that we haven't added official support for yet.

Please note that all Series Engine admin panels and functions remain English-only.

Who created Series Engine?

Series Engine was created by Eric Murrell in Nashville, TN. In addition to his WordPress development projects, Eric is the Creative Director for Long Hollow, a large multi-site church that has been blessed with explosive growth over the past 15 years.

After being disapointed by the "clunkiness" and poor usability of existing sermon solutions, Eric set out to build a new tool based on his experience in the trenches. Series Engine is the result of many months of research, trial and error, and an unbelievable amount of coffee.

What is the current version of Series Engine?

The current version is You can view an extensive changelog of all updates here.

Is it compatible with my version of WordPress?

Series Engine requires WordPress 3.8 or higher. The plugin will NOT work with limited WordPress sites hosted with

Does Series Engine support WordPress Multisite?

Yes! Series Engine is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite installs.

How do I install the Series Engine plugin?

The Series Engine plugin really does install in seconds. Simply upload the plugin file to your "plugins" directory, or upload it through the "Install Plugins" page in WordPress. Active the plugin, and visit the "User Guide" page in the new Series Engine menu for further instructions on getting started.

How do I update the Series Engine plugin?

Plugin updates can be found in the WordPress updater along with your other plugins and themes. If you're not seeing updates, be sure to check out the "Check for Updates" page in the Series Engine menu.

We don't use WordPress... Can we still use Series Engine?

Series Engine requires WordPress to function. If you don't use WordPress for your main website, you might consider making a WordPress "microsite" for your media archive and using Series Engine there.

How does Series Engine handle audio and video?

Series Engine accepts video content from the great services you already use: Vimeo, YouTube, etc. If you can generate an embed code with the video service, you can use it with Series Engine. As of a recent update, Series Engine also supports self-hosted video content in the .mp4 format through its built-in video player.

To display audio on your pages, Series Engine includes the awesome MediaElement.js framework to allow your visitors to listen to an MP3 on your site directly within their web browser.

To accomplish this, you'll need to upload an MP3 using WordPress (if your upload file-size limit allows this), or upload the MP3 to your web host and supply Series Engine with a link to that file. Series Engine will use the same MP3 file to create your audio podcasts as well.

What about notes, study guides, links, etc?

It's easy to add them to Series Engine (we just didn't cover it in the demo video)! Simply edit a Message in the admin portal and select the "Attach Links/Downloads" tab to attach an unlimited number of items to your Message.

When users view the Message, they'll see a special "Extras" section with cleanly formatted links to the content you've provided.

Can the plugin be customized?

It's easy to customize the look and feel of the Series Engine's media browser by visiting the "Series Engine" page in WordPress's "Settings" menu (only available to site administrators). From this menu, you can easily choose fonts, colors and icons to match your theme, with no coding required.

Advanced users can customize the code however they see fit by modifying the plugin's core files, but these changes will be overwritten with any plugin updates. You may want to house any custom stylesheets or JavaScript you create somewhere outside of the plugin directory.

What's the yearly/monthly fee?

Zero. Zilch. Your one time purchase of a Series Engine license entitles you to use the plugin for life, including free updates. It's the best investment your media ministry will ever make.

Will it work with my theme?

Probably. Series Engine has been tested with hundreds of the most popular WordPress Themes, and is coded to be as compatible as possible. In the event that some overzealous Theme formatting makes the Series Engine media browser display oddly, please email and let us know. We issue periodic Theme compatibility updates.

Does Series Engine look good on mobile devices?

Yes! Series Engine was built from the ground up to look incredible on laptops, tablets, smart phones, and everything in between. It's fully responsive with no loss in functionality no matter how you view it.

Can I try the plugin on my site before I buy?

No, but we'll happily give you access to our demo site where you can "kick the tires."

Can I use the plugin on multiple sites?

One license for the Series Engine allows you to use the plugin on all sites that you (as an individual or an organization) directly own. If you're a web developer or designer using the plugin for client sites, each client will need to purchase their own license (which can be used on all of their properties).

Can I resell the Series Engine plugin?

Yes, a licensed copy of Series Engine may be resold to another client/organization as part of a web package from you/your company. We require that one license is purchased for every client that will use the Series Engine plugin. Discounted bulk-packs are available if you would like to regularly offer implementations of Series Engine to your clients.

Series Engine may not be resold on its own, and individual components of Series Engine may not be commercially distributed without prior written consent from Volacious. Please don't steal.

What if I need support?

Series Engine includes a detailed User Guide and periodically receives free updates and new features via WordPress's plugin update system. Limited email support is available through the form at the top of this page. We are normally able to respond to requests within one business day. Phone support is not available.

Do I have to pay using PayPal?

Although we use PayPal to process our payments, you do not need a PayPal account to complete the checkout process. Once you reach the PayPal login page, simply locate "Don't have a PayPal account" on the left side of the page and click "Continue." You can pay using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We're blessed to have so many customers who recommend the Series Engine to friends that we've developed a special (free!) program that will give you $30 for every copy sold through your affiliate link! You can learn more and sign up here.

What about refunds?

As is typical with any piece of software, we are not able to issue refunds; all sales are final. Please be sure to thoroughly read the system and skill requirements before completing the purchase process. Remember, we will happily set up a demo for you to evaluate the software before your purchase.